Home Tech How to generate fake photos of your dream?

How to generate fake photos of your dream?

by Harold Leroy

Deep fakes are often very realistic photos or videos generated on a computer based on real samples. One of the areas of use of this technology is the creation of naked photos, for instance, margot robbies nude, based on the photo.

Transforming images with the help of AI

The process of transforming images of people using AI networks to change their clothes is complex and time-consuming. It involves analyzing thousands of photographs depicting clothing and people. The key goal is to train the neural network to recognize and combine various clothing items in real photographs of people. Achieving highly accurate results requires extensive data and time.

Fake nude photos of more than 100,000 women were distributed on the Internet. Their clothes were removed from the pictures with the help of artificial intelligence technologies. Naturally, the opportunity to undress any woman instantly aroused the joy of all men, especially schoolchildren, who also began to use this for trolling. Scammers also appeared and began to blackmail people by publishing naked photos that were generated via the Internet.

Your application for undressing a girl

The deepnude application works very simply: you download a photo of any girl. Artificial intelligence automatically cleans all clothes and substitutes variants of naked parts of the body. At first, the photos were taken from social networks. The clothes were then removed from the women’s photos using artificial intelligence, after which the fake photos were distributed via the app.

Of course, the program does not “undress” the heroines in the photo but only fakes their naked bodies with existing photos from the network that match the original photo in terms of shades and shape. The application works best with photos in which women are already semi-naked. It was even more interesting with men. Their application exposed but substituted female charms.

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